The 3 Swallowing-Girls (Die 3 Schluck-Girls)

Video Description: Jessy starts out the bukkake orgy by stripping nude and taking a hard cock in her mouth. She is slim, blonde and addicted to swallowing cum. It doesn’t surprise anyone who knows her that Jessy has taken up bukkake as a second hobby. Scene two is a cum swapping lesbian scene featuring Cony Clay and Aymie Eng. These two, filthy cumsluts aren’t new to the game. In fact, they are both famous amongst the German gangbang circuit. John Thompson has outdone himself once again by making the decision to arrange lesbian, bukkake sex between Cony Clay and Aymie Eng.

English Title (English): The 3 Swallowing-Girls
German Title (German): Die 3 Schluck-Girls
Starring: Aymie (Aymie Eng), Conny (Cony Clay), Jessy
Length: 1h:07m (67 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: July 20, 2013
Release Date: September 2, 2013
SKU Number: GGG #25479

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