The Sperm-Event (Das Sperma-Event)

Video Description: Naughty and sweet teen sluts, Adina and Nicky, get together at German Goo Girls studio for a hardcore cum event like no other. Watching them swallow sperm with joy is a beautiful sight to behold. These two whores know how to party. However, they don’t keep all the fun to themselves. Adina and Nicky hold a special spot for dirty Asian babe, Manga. Scene one is a hot group sex scene featuring Nicky and Adina. Cumswapping, pussy licking and lesbian sex are the main focus of this bukkake scene. In scene two, Manga shows up on the set and allows her hot, Asian pussy to get fucked and filled by as many men as possible. She takes load after load of sticky cum deposited on her face, tits and ass. What doesn’t land on her body, lands in her mouth. These three cumsluts are another prime example the fine women German Goo Girls has to offer.

English Title (English): The Sperm-Event
German Title (German): Das Sperma-Event
Starring: Adina, Nicky (Nicky Sweetheart, Nicole Reinhardt)
Length: 1h:26m (86 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: December 2012
Release Date: December 19, 2012
SKU Number: GGG #25461

Manga The Thai Princess Swallowing (Manga Die Thai Schluckprinzessin)

Video Description: John Thompson received a phone call one day from a Thai slut named Kim Triple XXX. She wanted to become a German Goo Girl, but didn’t know how to go about it. “No problem”, JT responded with excitement, “Just show up at my studio with an appetite for sperm and I’ll put you to work.” Manga became so excited that she almost came on herself. On the day of the shoot, John Thompson paired Manga with another horny slut, Adina. In “Manga The Thai Princess Swallowing”, Manga and Adina both star in solo girl, gang bang scenes with lots of bukkake, cum flying action. Both of these horny bitches get their fill on cock and cum, but keep going back to the well for another drink of warm spunk. Cum junkies fueled by sheer lust. Yes, that is a perfect description of German Goo Girls, Adina and Manga.

English Title (English): Manga The Thai Princess Swallowing
German Title (German): Manga Die Thai Schluckprinzessin
Starring: Adina, Manga
Length: 1h:09m (69 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: September 2011
Release Date: September 4, 2011
SKU Number: GGG #25427

The Sperm Spectacle (Das Sperma Spritz Spektakel)

Video Description: It’s show time at Germany’s finest adult theater. Adina and Elise show up just in time for the big event. These two nasty tarts are good at what they do, and gang banging is their dirty hobby that no one knows about. John Thompson and the crew at German Goo Girls have come together to bring you another exciting bukkake cum flick. Shot in an aging, adult theater – “The Sperm Spectacle” features a host of good things to keep you busy while jerking off. Lesbian sex, cumswapping, girls kissing each other, and bukkake circle jerks. Following the usual formula, this is another one on the shelf at the German Goo Girls archive. Download and watch the best bukkake porn from the master himself, John Thompson. Never settle for an imitation when you need the best.

English Title (English): The Sperm Spectacle
German Title (German): Das Sperma Spritz Spektakel
Starring: Adina, Elina (Elina Deluxe, Elina Ko)
Length: 1h:19m (79 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: December 2011
Release Date: December 9, 2011
SKU Number: GGG #25434

Michelle Is Trained To Sip (Michelle’s Schluck Einsatz)

Video Description: Adina and Michelle are two slutty brunette bitches who are starving for kinky sex and are looking to get fucked by a group of men at the same time. They figure the best way to accomplish this mission is to call John Thompson and become a German Goo Girl. Everyone knows that German girls are hot as fuck, especially those who enjoy starring in hardcore, bukkake videos. Watch dirty, brunette whores get screwed during a bukkake gang bang at German Goo Girls.

English Title (English): Michelle Is Trained To Sip
German Title (German): Michelle’s Schluck Einsatz
Starring: Adina, Michelle
Length: 1h:20m (80 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: July 2011
Release Date: July 22, 2011
SKU Number: GGG #25424

Swallow Tandem (Schluck Tandem)

Video Description: Interracial, lesbian bukkake babes are at the center of attention in “Sperm Tandem.” Adina and Perla lick the cum from each other’s gorgeous body, then allow a group of horny, male masturbators jerk off and shoot cum all over them. Both sluts lick the cum from each other, then swap the sperm between themselves. Both pornstars who appear in this bukkake movie are petite in size, but have huge appetites and lust for the taste of sperm. This dirty duo know how to party when a bunch of guys are around. They hold back at nothing and offer their bodies to be used as used as targets for the semen barrage that’s raining down upon them from the hard dicks above. Adina and Perla sparkle with dazzling brilliance as their faces and bodies become covered with a thick coating of hot goo.

English Title (English): Swallow Tandem
German Title (German): Schluck Tandem
Starring: Adina, Perla
Length: 1h:20m (80 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: January 2011
Release Date: January 28, 2011
SKU Number: GGG #25404

Viktoria Queen Of Cum: Part 2 (Viktoria Die Spermaqueen: Teil 2)

Video Description: There is no doubting the fact that Viktoria Goo is the undisputed “Queen Of Cum”. Viktoria is in reality what most men can only achieve in a classy, bukkake fantasy. She is a perfect, passionate woman who is greedy for cum and goes crazy at the sight of sperm. This classy cumslut is always on call and will be ready to suck 100 cocks and swallow multiple cumshots within a moment’s notice. In this German bukkake movie, Viktoria Goo sets up shop and offers to take sperm donations. She sucks off man after man; sucking to completion, then swallowing the expelled cumshot as it pours from the tip of a swollen cock. Adina shows up in scene two, looking for to suck and fuck – GGG style. This cute, little brunette slut is awesome. She’s hot, energetic and totally becomes lost in the moment as soon as she sees the first sign of cum. Adina’s pierced pussy looks great as it’s being probed by a multitude of hard pricks. Every cock is an individual and each one looks just as good as the next as it’s sliding in and out of this brunette’s cock socket. Adina may look like an innocent, barely legal teen, but don’t let that trick you into thinking she’s something nice. Beyond the innocent facade, Adina is a dirty whore. A filthy fucking whore who has a lust for cock, a thirst for cum and a desire to satisfy both of those urges by becoming a bukkake video slut for German Goo Girls. Viktoria Goo and Adina take cum play to the next level in this John Thompson production.

English Title (English): Viktoria Queen Of Cum: Part 2
German Title (German): Viktoria Die Spermaqueen: Teil 2
Starring: Adina, Viktoria Goo
Length: 1h:17m (77 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: February 2011
Release Date: February 4, 2011
SKU Number: GGG #25408

Adina In Cumfever (Adina Im Spermafieber)

Video Description: Adina is another GGG cumslut who just can’t seem to get enough and won’t stop until she has. Therefore, this little whore is constantly on the prowl for a hard dick and a hot load. As soon as Adina sees a throbbing cock, her tight pussy begins to ache and becomes moist. Her cock-fueled addiction drives her to fuck. She can’t resist the urge to cram a dick down her throat or shove it into her dripping snatch. This girl is a real slut, and fucking alone won’t satisfy her sexual needs. To truly get her fill, Adina must have a group of men jerk off and cum all over her. In both scenes of this German Goo Girls movie, Adina gets her fill of both hard cocks and warm cum.

English Title (English): Adina In Cumfever
German Title (German): Adina Im Spermafieber
Starring: Adina
Length: 1h:07m (67 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: February 2011
Release Date: February 17, 2011
SKU Number: GGG #25411

Sperm Trilogy (Sperma Trilogie)

Video Description: Adina, Elina and Sunny show up on a couch in a dark studio for a sperm spree. This erotic trio drink loads of hot cum and no one can stop them. What starts out as lesbian sex quickly becomes a full blown orgy as multiple cocks are introduced to the party. These three amateurs suck dick as if it were a lollipop and lick ass like they’re rimming professionals. Elina, Adina and Sunny are proud sperm addicts and they’re working to earn the the certification to prove it. If this is the sperm university, then surely John Thompson is their professor. Adina has no problem getting schooled in the subject of facials. She gets massive loads dumped onto her beautiful face. Thick pools of cum puddle on Adina’s face, then drip down her chin. She is a plastered mess before it’s over with. Elina and Sunny also become totally covered with hot spunk before the big finish. When this trio’s cum fiesta is complete, a petite brunette arrives on the scene for her own bukkake party. Nina is a cute, little fuckdoll who gets used, abused and tossed around like a rag doll. The gang of bukkake gang bangers pass the slut around the circle of man meat. She gets passed from dick to dick, giving each man an opportunity to fuck her tight lovehole without restraint. Nina doesn’t even need a sex swing. A group of men hold her in place while another man hammers away at her tight pussy. Nina is left in a shallow pool of spent cum at the end of the party. “The Sperm Trilogy” features three, horny cumsluts in an erotic scenario where they are allowed to unleash their desire to drink cum and swallow sperm. Elina, Adina and Sunny star in this exclusive German Goo Girls gang bang film.

English Title (English): Sperm Trilogy
German Title (German): Sperma Trilogie
Starring: Adina, Elina (Elina Deluxe, Elina Ko), Nina, Sunny
Length: 1h:24m (84 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: April 2011
Release Date: April 1, 2011
SKU Number: GGG #25415

Michelle Swallows For The First Time (Michelle Schluckt Zum Ersten Mal)

Video Description: This slutty, brunette fashion model has a dark, sexual side that no one outside of her private circle knows about – she is a gang bang fanatic, hosts bukkake parties, and loves drinking sperm. She always has a taste for adventure and goes out of her way to try new things. On her quest for adventure, Michelle decided to lose her porn virginity and get fucked in front of the camera. Being a fashion model, Michelle is accustomed to being on stage and in front of the camera; but getting fucked and drinking cum while being filmed is a new arena for her. How will she hold up? Download a copy of “Michelle Swallows For The First Time” and watch this brunette model’s first, bukkake porn movie. Scene two brings us another gang bang, bukkake scene featuring a hot and sexy brunette babe – Adina. This babe has a familiar face and is a rising star amongst the new wave of German, bukkake girls. She already has a huge fan base and many men ask for her by name. Adina is cute, energetic and has a certain type of charming innocence about her. She also has a pretty, shaved pussy that’s adorned with a beautiful clit piercing. Download the full movie featuring two, brunette sluts in fucking strangers, sucking dick and swallowing cumshots at GGG films.

English Title (English): Michelle Swallows For The First Time
German Title (German): Michelle Schluckt Zum Ersten Mal
Starring: Adina, Michelle
Length: 1h:08m (68 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: April 2011
Release Date: April 8. 2011
SKU Number: GGG #25418

Adina, Cum Sweety (Adina, Das Sperma Schatzchen)

Video Description:

English Title (English): Adina, Cum Sweety
German Title (German): Adina, Das Sperma Schatzchen
Starring: Adina, Cyndi
Length: 1h:18m (78 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: November 2009
Release Date: November 13, 2009
SKU Number: GGG #25383