Mary In Sperm Tsunami (Mary Im Sperma-Tsunami)

Video Description: Waves of cum roll in during the recent sperm tsunami in Berlin. A sperm tsunami? Yes, you read right. A sexual earthquake resulting in waves of warm spunk pouring in from all sides. Thankfully, Mary is an adept cocksucker and a professional blowjob donor. When she is around, anyone with a cock can get a piece of her. She is an easy slut who isn’t hard to fuck. Some girls are cheap dates, but Mary is absolutely free. As long as she is having a good time, she is up for any sort of kinky sex. All of her hard work pays off during this bukkake gang bang. Her ass, pussy and mouth are left totally satisfied after the even ends. Scene two shows a hot gang bang slut in action. Angie gets screwed like a dirty whore by a hoard of guys with masks obscuring their faces.

English Title (English): Mary In Sperm Tsunami
German Title (German): Mary Im Sperma-Tsunami
Starring: Angie, Mary
Length: 1h:14m (74 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: February 2012
Release Date: February 28, 2012
SKU Number: GGG #25439

1..2..3.. Go For Cum! (1..2..3.. Sperma Frei!)

Video Description: Naughty, little Tina is at it again. Like most blonde bukkake sluts, Tina is a swallowing machine who loves having cum all over her cute face and sexy body. She likes to set the mood of a bukkake party by sucking the fattest cock she can find. Then, she works her way around the room – sucking each and every cock that she encounters. When the men are about to cum, Tina’s sperm-guzzling reflexes kick in and immediately prepare her for swallowing. As hard as she tries to drink all the cum straight from the source, she can’t. There is just too much for her to swallow as it pours from the cock fountains. The remaining cum is collected in a glass bowl. The bowl is presented to Tina and she drinks all the cum. Scene two is a lesbian bukkake scene featuring two, brunette whores – Melli and Angie.

English Title (English): 1..2..3.. Go For Cum!
German Title (German): 1..2..3.. Sperma Frei!
Starring: Angie, Melli, Tina (Taranee Devil, Tina Maria Nita)
Length: 1h:26m (86 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: March 2008
Release Date: March 8, 2008
SKU Number: GGG #25309

Lil’ Tina, Swallow Addict (Tinchen, Schluckmaschinchen)

Video Description: The blonde amateur featured in this bukkake movie is incredibly cute and her name is Taranee Devil – otherwise known as “Tina”. She may appear innocent, but don’t place any bets on her innocence. This beautiful, blonde tramp is out to fuck as many cocks as she can. Whether it be with her pussy, ass, hands or mouth – Tina will get the job done. In scene one, Tina is used up like a rag doll. At the end of the scene, all the men jerk off and collect their cum in a red chalice. Tina slurps down the sticky goo and asks for more when the glass becomes empty. The second gang bang whore in this bukkake triple feature is Angie. She’s a hot brunette who knows what to do with her mouth – wrap it around a throbbing cock and suck it until it explodes. Angie drains a few throbbing members and begs them to cum down her throat. The beautiful blonde returns to fish everyone off in scene three. Tina is a cock gobbling, sperm swallowing monster who enjoys being watched while she gets fucked at bukkake parties and gang bang clubs.

English Title (English): Lil’ Tina, Swallow Addict
German Title (German): Tinchen, Schluckmaschinchen
Starring: Angie, Tina (Taranee Devil, Tina Maria Nita)
Length: 1h:30m (90 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: September 2007
Release Date: October 2, 2007
SKU Number: GGG #25290