My Life Is Full Of Cum! (Schlucken Das Ist Mein Leben!)

Video Description: Shortly after her first appearance in a porn film, Viktoria Goo acquired a huge numbers of fans and supporters who enjoy her classy mannerism and filthy sex habits. She claims that her ex boyfriend was a loser in the sack and his lack of sexual prowess were the defining reasons for her joining the porn industry. Besides, Viktoria always had a good time while fucking multiple partners, so becoming a gang bang girl was right up her alley. With German Goo Girls, Viktoria will have a the chance to suck and fuck as many hard cocks as she could ever imagine. Rough sex, gagging and hard throat fucking are just a few of the incredible sex acts that are expected of this classy brunette. Viktoria even breaks out a sexy nurse’s uniform in scene two and puts on an incredible, cock throbbing cosplay scene. All three bukkake scenes feature Viktoria Goo in buck naked, gang bang action that pushes all of her holes to the edge of sexual limitations.

English Title (English): My Life Is Full Of Cum!
German Title (German): Schlucken Das Ist Mein Leben!
Starring: Viktoria Goo
Length: 1h:14m (74 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: January 2011
Release Date: January 24, 2011
SKU Number: GGG #25403

Cum Nurse (Sperma Schwester)

Video Description: Whenever there is an emergency at the bukkake hospital, Viktoria Goo comes running. She is the residential cum nurse and cleaning up sperm is her top priority. Tonight is a very special night and Viktoria Goo showed up for work wearing a sexy nurse’s uniform – complete with shiny, patent leather boots and silky, white stockings. This slutty cum nurse will make all of your hospital and medical fetishes manifest in reality as she sucks and swallows her way through multiple hard cocks and spilled cumshots. All heavy cummers will have their cocks taken care of and their loads properly dispensed at the bukkake hospital. In scene one, Viktoria shows off her flair for cosplay by playing the role of a sexy, patent leather nurse. Scene two brings an exotic, ebony babe – Perla – into the mix. Perla and Viktoria Goo show off their taste for pussy as they put on an incredible lesbian love show for the bukkake boys. After they are finished licking each other’s lap, they turn their attention to the horny men who showed up for the party. THese two horny cumdumpsters take turns sucking the same cock, then switching to another. Endless is the line of cocks that seem to appear from nowhere, only to be gobbled down by the two whores who can’t seem to get enough. Dick after dick probe and prod the two sluts, finding their way into a mouth, pussy or ass. When a man is about to cum, he pulls his hard member from the freshly fucked orifice and shoots his hot load into one of the slut’s mouth. These two cum dolls play in cum, swap sperm and spit semen all over each other. Then, they lick it up again and repeat the playful exhibit of cum wizardry. If you ever find yourself in a bind and your cock is about to explode, don’t call 9-11…call Viktoria, The Cum Nurse!

English Title (English): Cum Nurse
German Title (German): Sperma Schwester
Starring: Perla, Viktoria Goo
Length: 1h:26m (86 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: June 2010
Release Date: June 29, 2010
SKU Number: GGG #25396