Cum Reception (Schluck Empfang)

Video Description: Ever since Jenny’s bukkake debut, she has been longing for another gang bang, bukkake party with John Thompson and the boys from GGG. Jenny has developed quite an appetite for the protein rich goo and that’s why she desires to star in another German, bukkake movie. Jenny shows up on the set with her lesbian friend Sabine. and they are both ready to get on their knees and start swallowing cock. “Cum Reception” brings the viewer three hardcore, bukkake scenes from the master, John Thompson. In scene one, Jenny and Sabine hook up for a lesbian sex session with each other. They begin by fucking each other with a red, jelly dildo. When they finish getting each other off, a group of German guys enter the scene and start fucking the two sluts. Jenny and Sabine get blasted with sperm and their faces are left looking like cum-glazed donuts. Scene two is a solo girl, gang bang scene featuring another erotic, blonde cumslut – Miss Amili. Bukkake cumshots, gang bang fucking and multiple sperm facials are presented to the viewer in this scene. Jenny returns in scene three with a raven haired slut named Uschi. This is another fantastic, lesbian bukkake scene that features multiple facials, cum swapping and all around nasty sex between two horny sluts and a gang of horny studs.

English Title (English): Cum Reception
German Title (German): Schluck Empfang
Starring: Amili (Judith), Jenny (Jennifer), Sabine (Antje, Karin), Uschi
Length: 1h:27m (87 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: December 2007
Release Date: December 24, 2007
SKU Number: GGG #25301

Cum Fairy (Sperma Fee)

Video Description: When most people think of fairies, images similar to Tinker Bell come to mind. Things are different in the world of German Goo Girls. In John Thompson’s presentation of “Cum Fairy”, fairies take on a totally different role. A cum fairy’s sole purpose is to fall on her knees, open her mouth and swallow massive amounts of freshly jerked cum. In this bukkake fairytale, Mara and Sabine take cum play to a higher level. These two amateurs push the envelope as to what is acceptable and what isn’t. By even the strictest of bukkake standards, Mara and Sabine are two, nasty sperm whores. In scene one, Mara offers to serve a group of horny bastards by giving them her mouth, pussy and ass. She is a true champ and even attempts to swallow the full length of the legendary “White Pony”. After she tries her hardest and only swallows about half of his semi-erect penis, she offers her tight asshole for him to destroy. Once again, he only buries half of his cock inside of her stretched orifice. After the white pony has fun with her asshole, the gang of men surrounding Mara proceed to take advantage of all three holes. The men finish her off by shooting their hot loads of sticky sperm across her innocent-looking face and down her throat. Oxana is the cum fairy who shows up in scene two. Ready for business, Oxana immediately takes a cock into her mouth. Within two minutes, she has two cocks fucking her, one in her mouth and one in her pussy. At the end of the scene, she gets rained upon by a shower of spent cum. This is a shot scene leading up to the grand finale – the great lesbian bukkake scene featuring Sabine and Mara. These two blondes rock scene three with all sorts of filthy antics. Cumswapping, pussy eating, cum covered cunts…you name it, Mara and Sabine do it to each other in “Cum Fairy”.

English Title (English): Cum Fairy
German Title (German): Sperma Fee
Starring: Sabine (Antje, Karin), Mara (Marla), Oxana
Length: 1h:27m (87 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: December 2007
Release Date: January 4, 2008
SKU Number: GGG #25302

Glutton For Cum (Sperma – Nimmersatt!)

Video Description: Everyone who is familiar with bukkake porn knows that Monja is always up for having her mouth, pussy and ass filled with multiple loads of hot cum. She is truly a sperm connoisseur and her willingness to obtain a taste of precious spunk is that of a strung out, cum addict. “Glutton For Cum” is a proper title to place upon Monja. Besides being crowend the Glutton For Cum, Monja is also granted two extra cocks, one for each hole. When the horny guys are about to shoot their loads, Monja reveals a glass plate and requests all the men to empty their cocks onto the plate. The dirty MILF finishes the bukkake party with a cum licking finale – she licks every drop of white sperm from the plate. Bottom’s up, Monja! “Glutton For Cum” is a three scene, solo-girl bukkake movie that features two, slutty brunettes in an erotic display of filthy fucking. All three of their holes are used and abused by multiple men. Monja is the bukkake babe in scenes one and three, while Tanja is the horny slut who sucks, fucks and gets her ass stuffed with a hard cock in scene two. Both Tanja and Monja are horny as fuck and their addiction to cum shows in this bukkake movie. The grand finale is a spectacular display of sperm slurping as Monja licks a cum-covered plate clean.

English Title (English): Glutton For Cum
German Title (German): Sperma – Nimmersatt!
Starring: Monja, Tanja
Length: 1h:30m (90 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: December 2007
Release Date: January 9, 2008
SKU Number: GGG #25303

Cum Is The Main Issue! (Hauptsache, Du Spritzt!)

Video Description: Cum is always the main issue during a bukkake orgy. Therefore, only the most hardcore cumsluts should be in attendance. In this German Goo Girls video, Susanne loses her gang bang virginity by fucking a troupe of dirty, German bastards. This isn’t your average gang bang – this is a GGG bukkake party. Susanne was a little nervous at first, but once the cum began flowing – she turned into a sexual beast. Her transformation from an average girlfriend type into a sex crazed animal was amazing. Luckily for the horny voyeurs, it was caught on tape. In fact, being in front of the camera seemed to turn her on, Susanne didn’t hold back. She took a double-penetration, pussy and ass fucking like a pro. If a person didn’t know any better, there is no way to tell that this porn shoot was Susanne’s first time in front of the camera. After experiencing the flavor of assorted cocks, she became a sex starved nympho who couldn’t get enough dick in her life. Entering he world of porn drove her over the edge of decency. She went to great lengths in order to satisfy her sexual urges. Susanne now works as an escort, fucking random men for money and to experience the thrill of strange sex with multiple partners. For this amateur bukkake babe, cum is no longer the main issue. In scene two, Susi struggles with the issue of cum. With a little help from a bunch of masked strangers, her problem is also resolved. A bunch of men jerk off and cum into a glass bowl. Then, slutty Susi drinks the semen cocktail from the bowl. Disgusting or arousing? You be the judge. Regardless of how we feel about it, barely legal bukkake sluts like Susi will always have a thirst for cum and will continue to suck down sperm cocktails whenever they get a chance. In German Goo Girl’s “Cum Is The Main Issue”, Susanne gets fucked in her ass and pussy, receives sperm facials and ingests thick cum shots. Susi spreads her gaping asshole and used pussy wide open. Then, she does the unimaginable and drinks an ounce of collected cum from a glass bowl. Watch these two sluts achieve an altered state of sexual consciousness while sucking and fucking their way to an erotic paradise.

English Title (English): Cum Is The Main Issue!
German Title (German): Hauptsache, Du Spritzt!
Starring: Susanne (Celine), Susi
Length: 1h:23m (83 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: June 2006
Release Date: January 16. 2007
SKU Number: GGG #25239

Hooked On Cocks! (Schwanzsuchtig)

Video Description: Magdalena is a filthy woman and one of the sluttiest bukkake babes in Germany. She’s not only addicted to sucking cocks, Magdalena also can’t live without having her pussy and ass fucked – often at the same time. This sexy blonde bitch is hooked on fucking and is always ready to get her ass, mouth and pussy stuffed with cock. And cum? She loves it! Sperm to her is like track to a junkie. Magdalena is a strung out cum junkie, addicted to bukkake parties and gang bang orgies. Two other junked out cumsluts present themselves in the second scene. The dick sucking, cum swallowing bitches are Celine and Susanne. Watch these two horny sluts kiss and fuck each other while filming a lesbian bukkake movie for German Goo Girls. These three horny sluts are exploited and their sexual talents are used up by a troop of dirty European bastards.

English Title (English): Hooked On Cocks!
German Title (German): Schwanzsuchtig
Starring: Celine, Magdalena (Heike), Susanne (Celine)
Length: 1h:25m (85 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: February 2007
Release Date: March 20. 2007
SKU Number: GGG #25269

A Fireworks Of Cum (Sperma Feuerwerk)

Video Description: Bettina stars alongside a famous German cum goddess in a hardcore, bukkake movie for the GGG label. Magdalena admitted to us, “I need to make a new porn movie. It’s not something I want to do – I need it!” All of Magdalena’s bukkake movies turn out to be an explosive display of juicy cumshots. A fireworks display of hot cum, if you may. This bukkake flick definitely gets five stars. Everything is included here; cum swallowing, anal and vaginal cumshots, and sperm facials. Magdalena is the cum goddess in scene one. She takes two cocks at once, both anal and vaginal and double vaginal DPs. Her sexy ass and sloppy pussy are both covered in cum as the gang of male pornstars jerk off and cum on her. In scene two, Bettina has the honor of sucking strange cock and swallowing buckets of cum. She isn’t as eager as our reigning cum goddess, but puts on a fantastic gang bang performance nevertheless. In scene three, Magdalena returns to the set and heats things up. She is so sexy in her white lingerie and pink high heels. Dressed like a total slut who’s ready to fuck, suck and swallow – Magdalena is always willing to do whatever it takes to make everyone cum. Once again, she has her ass glazed with cum and a hard cock shoved up her sperm-lubed asshole.

English Title (English): A Fireworks Of Cum
German Title (German): Sperma Feuerwerk
Starring: Bettina, Magdalena (Heike)
Length: 1h:30m (90 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: August 2007
Release Date: July 10, 2007
SKU Number: GGG #25285

Cum Collector (Die Sperma Sammlerin)

Video Description: Amili is fascinated by cum. In fact, her fascination for sperm has turned into an outright obsession. She loves the sticky goo so much that she started a collection. Gentlemen, meet “The Cum Collector”. Whether it’s in a glass, on a table, or straight from the flesh tap; Amili will take a load any way she can get it. After it’s milked, she will play in it, gargle it and finally swallow it. Her mouth isn’t the only orifice on the auction block – Amili’s hot, pink pussy is also up for bid. Being able to suck a bunch of cocks during a bukkake video shoot drives this amateur cum kitten absolutely wild. In scene one, Amili shows up for a bukkake orgy wearing a sexy red dress, white stockings, and red high heels. As you may expect, she sucks as many dicks as she can find and swallows as much sperm as they can provide. In scene two, another blonde bukkake babe is added to the collection. This is Kiki, a slutty blonde with a shaved pussy and an appetite to consume cum. The usual suspects show up and fuck her good and hard. They treat Kiki like any other bukkake cumslut – rough…rough but generous. Two men are kind enough to proved her wet vagina with their cocks, giving her an awesome double-vaginal penetration experience. When the group of horny strangers are finished tormenting her pussy and tits, they paint her pretty, red lips with their own brand of creamy lipstick. Kiki is all smiles as they dump cum across her pretty, red lipstick. In scene three, Amili returns for more filthy cum play and sperm sucking, sex acts. THis dirty bitch collects multiple cumshots in a wineglass. Then, she pours the glass of sperm onto a glass table and smears it around. Finally, she slurps up her semen masterpiece and swallows it down. This cumtasting orgy is worthy of a toast, “Cheers, dirty girls…bottoms up!”

English Title (English): Cum Collector
German Title (German): Die Sperma Sammlerin
Starring: Amili, Kiki
Length: 1h:26m (86 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: August 2007
Release Date: August 30, 2007
SKU Number: GGG #25287