Viktoria The Spermqueen: Part 3 (Viktoria Die Spermaqueen: Teil 3)

Video Description: This is the third installment of “The Cum Queen” and Viktoria Goo still proudly wears the crown. Viktoria earned the title because she has the ability to swallow large amounts of cum in a bukkake scene. She’s also a very classy lady who looks great in black, high heels and sexy, nylon stockings. This hot, slutty brunette has just the right amount of class to make her a perfect sperm queen. Another feature that drives Viktoria to the top of the winner’s category is her impressive exhibit of erotic cum play. She showcases pure filth and gargles, spits and slurps cum as if it were liquid heaven. Take to a knee and bow before The Cum Queen and witness the most hardcore slut in the bukkake business doing unspeakable things with hard cocks and sticky sperm. Both scenes in this solo girl, gang bang feature Viktoria Goo and a revolving lineup of mysterious, masked men just waiting for a chance to get their rods wet.

English Title (English): Viktoria The Spermqueen: Part 3
German Title (German): Viktoria Die Spermaqueen: Teil 3
Starring: Viktoria Goo
Length: 1h:21m (81 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: April 2011
Release Date: April 8. 2011
SKU Number: GGG #25417

Michelle Swallows For The First Time (Michelle Schluckt Zum Ersten Mal)

Video Description: This slutty, brunette fashion model has a dark, sexual side that no one outside of her private circle knows about – she is a gang bang fanatic, hosts bukkake parties, and loves drinking sperm. She always has a taste for adventure and goes out of her way to try new things. On her quest for adventure, Michelle decided to lose her porn virginity and get fucked in front of the camera. Being a fashion model, Michelle is accustomed to being on stage and in front of the camera; but getting fucked and drinking cum while being filmed is a new arena for her. How will she hold up? Download a copy of “Michelle Swallows For The First Time” and watch this brunette model’s first, bukkake porn movie. Scene two brings us another gang bang, bukkake scene featuring a hot and sexy brunette babe – Adina. This babe has a familiar face and is a rising star amongst the new wave of German, bukkake girls. She already has a huge fan base and many men ask for her by name. Adina is cute, energetic and has a certain type of charming innocence about her. She also has a pretty, shaved pussy that’s adorned with a beautiful clit piercing. Download the full movie featuring two, brunette sluts in fucking strangers, sucking dick and swallowing cumshots at GGG films.

English Title (English): Michelle Swallows For The First Time
German Title (German): Michelle Schluckt Zum Ersten Mal
Starring: Adina, Michelle
Length: 1h:08m (68 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: April 2011
Release Date: April 8. 2011
SKU Number: GGG #25418

Curly Ann In GGG Sperm Club (Curly Ann Im GGG Sperma Club)

Video Description: Are you looking for the cute, amateur porn star with curly, blonde hair? Stop searching because here she is – German Goo Girls presents Curly Ann! Sweet blonde, Curly, loves guzzling sperm and sucking big cocks in front of the camera. She loves making hardcore, bukkake movies and her pussy becomes sopping wet every time she’s on screen. When you combine her desire to be fucked by multiple men and her urge to be filmed while doing it, you end up with the perfect bukkake movie. This petite, blonde amateur came here today prepared to suck a host of random dicks and get a mouthful of hot sperm. Hopefully, the bukkake boys won’t leave Curly disappointed.

English Title (English): Curly Ann In GGG Sperm Club
German Title (German): Curly Ann Im GGG Sperma Club
Starring: Curly Ann
Length: 1h:20m (80 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: May 2011
Release Date: May 6, 2011
SKU Number: GGG #25419

Sunny Led Astray By Sperm (Sunny Auf Sperma Abwegen)

Video Description: Even though Sunny doesn’t have a thing for bondage, she enjoys being in the dungeon whenever she’s the pivot girl in a gang bang orgy. Both scenes of this bukkake movie feature Sunny, a horny amateur with brunette hair, a nice ass and a well used pussy. Today, Sunny will have an opportunity to add a few new cocks to her list of “things fucked.”

English Title (English): Sunny Led Astray By Sperm
German Title (German): Sunny Auf Sperma Abwegen
Starring: Sunny
Length: 1h:05m (65 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: May 2011
Release Date: May 6, 2011
SKU Number: GGG #25420

Cum Bukkake (Sperma Bukkake!)

Video Description: Sexy women come from across the globe to perform in German bukkake movies. “Sperma Bukkake” brings us Perla, an exotic Caribbean babe with a thirst for cum and the desire to be fucked in her ass. John Thompson has arranged for 32 men to jerk off and cum all over this ebony beauty’s pretty face and sexy body. After her body is painted with sperm, a few dozen cumshots are directed towards her waiting mouth. Perla swallows every last drop of hot semen as it pours from the cock fountains that are surrounding her. Perla has a very beautiful face and innocent brown eyes which only looks better as each drop of cum is deposited somewhere on her face, lips and mouth. This horny whore does it all; anal sex, double penetration, bukkake cumshots and circle-jerk facials. By the time “Sperma Bukkake” comes to an end, Perla is glazed over with sticky sperm. This hardcore, gang bang flick contains two full-length scenes featuring Perla in GGG bukkake action.

English Title (English): Cum Bukkake
German Title (German): Sperma Bukkake!
Starring: Perla
Length: 1h:19m (79 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: May 2010
Release Date: May 14, 2010
SKU Number: GGG #25395

Cum Nurse (Sperma Schwester)

Video Description: Whenever there is an emergency at the bukkake hospital, Viktoria Goo comes running. She is the residential cum nurse and cleaning up sperm is her top priority. Tonight is a very special night and Viktoria Goo showed up for work wearing a sexy nurse’s uniform – complete with shiny, patent leather boots and silky, white stockings. This slutty cum nurse will make all of your hospital and medical fetishes manifest in reality as she sucks and swallows her way through multiple hard cocks and spilled cumshots. All heavy cummers will have their cocks taken care of and their loads properly dispensed at the bukkake hospital. In scene one, Viktoria shows off her flair for cosplay by playing the role of a sexy, patent leather nurse. Scene two brings an exotic, ebony babe – Perla – into the mix. Perla and Viktoria Goo show off their taste for pussy as they put on an incredible lesbian love show for the bukkake boys. After they are finished licking each other’s lap, they turn their attention to the horny men who showed up for the party. THese two horny cumdumpsters take turns sucking the same cock, then switching to another. Endless is the line of cocks that seem to appear from nowhere, only to be gobbled down by the two whores who can’t seem to get enough. Dick after dick probe and prod the two sluts, finding their way into a mouth, pussy or ass. When a man is about to cum, he pulls his hard member from the freshly fucked orifice and shoots his hot load into one of the slut’s mouth. These two cum dolls play in cum, swap sperm and spit semen all over each other. Then, they lick it up again and repeat the playful exhibit of cum wizardry. If you ever find yourself in a bind and your cock is about to explode, don’t call 9-11…call Viktoria, The Cum Nurse!

English Title (English): Cum Nurse
German Title (German): Sperma Schwester
Starring: Perla, Viktoria Goo
Length: 1h:26m (86 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: June 2010
Release Date: June 29, 2010
SKU Number: GGG #25396

Stuff My Holes! (Stopf Mir Meine Locher!)

Video Description:

English Title (English): Stuff My Holes!
German Title (German): Stopf Mir Meine Locher!
Starring: Celine, Sabine (Antje, Karin)
Length: 1h:22m (82 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: March 2008
Release Date: March 22. 2008
SKU Number: GGG #25311

Cocks & Cum For All Of My Holes (Schwanze & Sperma Fur Alle Meine Löcher)

Video Description: Cock starved Sabine has a way with men. She has a charming, mass appeal that many guys seem to find attractive and magnetic. Even in a gang bang, bukkake scenario – men gravitate towards her, with their cocks in hand. Sabine is a hardcore chick who has an “anything goes” philosophy when it comes to sex. No holes are barred as Sabine gives up her pussy, ass and mouth to be used as cumdumps. True happiness can be seen in this blonde slut’s eyes as she has all of her holes filled at once. All three sluts beg for sperm in “Cocks & Cum For All My Holes.” Scene one features Sabine in a solo-girl, bukkake sceanrio. She’s wearing brilliant red lipstick, matching nail polish, fishnet stockings, and hooker boots. Multiple cumshots are unleashed upon her petite body, covering everything from her face to her asshole. Dora shows us the ropes in scene two – another typical, German Goo Girl gang bang. One girl, multiple men, and an endless stream of spent cum. This is a short scene, but dora doesn’t waste anyone’s time. Like a properly trained gang bang slut, Dora immediately goes to work by sucking as many cocks and swallowing as many loads as she can. “Cocks & Cum For All My Holes” saves the best scene for last. Scene three is an interracial, lesbian bukkake scene featuring an ebony bukkake babe named Bernadette and the ever familiar, blonde Sabine. These two amateurs kiss, swap cum ad collect a few cumshots in a cup. After the cup is filled with sperm, Bernadette feeds Sabine a healthy dose with a spoon. There’s nothing like a hot, blonde lesbian getting spoonfed cum from a cup.

English Title (English): Cocks & Cum For All Of My Holes
German Title (German): Schwanze & Sperma Fur Alle Meine Löcher
Starring: Bernadette (Vivian), Dora, Sabine (Antje, Karin)
Length: 1h:25m (85 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: March 2008
Release Date: February 23, 2008
SKU Number: GGG #25307