Manu’s Sperm Tour (Manu’s Sperma Tour)

Video Description: Manu Magnum has a sexy figure and gorgeous, natural breasts. She uses her full, natural tits to her advantage whenever she’s on the prowl and looking for new guys to have sexual relations with. Manu is a typical, German Goo Girl who enjoys long walks on the beach, friendly conversations and swallowing cum. This slutty goo girl goes by many names , but no matter what she’s called, Manu Magnum is always a cumslut.

Manu Goes by many names; Manuela Gillmann, Minou Leigi and Minou Leidinger to name a few. Regardless of what alias she uses, her antics are the same. Manu is a very naughty girl and often attends gang bang parties and group sex events around Germany.

Not only does this stunning blonde enjoy passion and romance, but she also has a flair for kinky sex, giving head and swallowing sperm. She got so carred away with eating sperm during her cum tour that she ordered a selection of men to jerk off and collect their sperm on a plate. When the plate was finally layered with semen, she polished it clean with her talented tongue. Eating cum on this level isn’t for anyone, but Manu is an experienced cumslut and she knows how to polish off a plate of sperm.

In both bukkake scenes, Manu Magnum performs obscene sex acts with multiple guys while traveling from strip club to strip club. She attended as many erotic events as possible and sucked as many cocks as she could find. In scene two, she showed up with a gang of biker trash. She wore a denim mini skirt and asked for a Honda motorcyle to appear on the set. To see what happened during Manu’s Sperm Tour, check out the full version at the official German Goo Girls website. Manu Magnum is a great slut to watch in action. Whether she’s sucking a line of strange cocks or swallowing quarts of cum straight from the tap, Manu is always a dirty treat to watch.

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English Title (English): Manu’s Sperm Tour
German Title (German): Manu’s Sperma Tour
Starring: Manu Magnum (Manuela, Manuela Gillmann, Minou Leigi, Minou Leidinger)
Length: 1h:03m (63 minutes)
Production Studio: German Goo Girls
Producer: John Thompson
Production Date: March 29, 2014
Release Date: June 1, 2014
SKU Number: GGG #25497